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Examples of Custom Framing Ideas

We hope you enjoy seeing these samples of our framing. We work hard to make attractive items. What do you have that we can frame for you?

Embroidery showing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is uniquely displayed in a custom-cut red and blue mat with Mickey in the corner.
Here is a vintage War effort poster, beautifully displayed and preserved with archival framing.
We helped immortalize the Super Bowl Champion, Baltimore Ravens by framing many articles and memorabilia.
A nice collection of childrens' art was framed with pictures of the children.
This beautiful piece contains pictures of four generations, Navy medals, wings and a brass plaque to cherish the memory a Father.
Here are four small images by French artist Louis Icart arranged in a single tall frame. The unusual shapes and size offer interesting decorating possibilities.
Some pictures from the Web, some typed labels and some fancy mat cutting created a nice tribute to baseball player Brooks Robinson.
This birth announcement with hand caligraphy is attractively displayed in a mahogony frame.